Latina Cannabis Cultivator Wants You to Consider Growing Bud at Home.

The Truth About Cannabis is…

It’s indeed a statistical fact that as the Cannabis Industry booms, people of color – especially Black Americans and Afro-Latinos – continue to be oppressed, imprisoned, and left behind. Therefore, it’s crucial for us who identify as entrepreneurs in the industry to stand out, to unite in our community, and help each other thrive!” Rachele Sanchez, Heavenly Herbs

1-Hour online beginners class on How to Grow Your Own HeavenlyHerbs! Learn the basics and what you need to grow on a budget PLUS you’ll get a FREE Grow Guide! Use Promo Code ELEVATED to get $5.00 OFF!

Home cultivation is healthy and makes our pockets happy! Do you know what’s in your bud? Are you interested in cultivating for your own business? Learn what it takes in this 1-Hour Workshop

Latina indoor cultivator Rachele Sanchez is giving a 1-Hour online beginners class on How to Grow Your Own HeavenlyHerbs! Learn the basics and everything you need to grow on a budget.

Each ticket purchase comes with a HeavenlyHerbs Grow Guide to help you start growing your own!

Register now the next workshop is February 5th!

See future workshop dates now! 

Can I Grow in My State?

Not sure if you can grow in your state? Check this state-by-state guide by HeavenlyHerbs that even tells you how many plants you can grow!

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